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RE: the recent mailing list flames

>One of the two loud complainers, [email protected], had actually
>doubled subscribed himself to the list.  I had already removed him
>once, so I thought; I had moved him over to the -announce list.

     Well, I sent a personal message to [email protected] about
the posting he made where he criticized "Mr. May and Mr. Ringuette"
for their misunderstanding.  :)  He misinterpreted my meaning of
"you are in my kill list, but the others aren't."  I meant that my
.maildelivery destroys mail from him, but not from anyone else.  *sigh*
He wrote my sysadmin about it and said that it came from my remailer
and all hell broke loose on my end.  My boss's boss took me into his
office and we discussed it...  He just said, "Someone was harrassing
a guy at AT&T (of all places) through your remailer."  I tracked down
the message, "talk"ed to mbrennan about it and he agreed to write a
message of apology to my sysadmin saying he misunderstood the "threat."

     *sigh*  What an avoidable mess if he hadn't been so touchy!  Now
they are investigating my remailer.  My response was, "Oh, it's just
a play-thing for me and a few friends."  They think I should be
responsible for what goes through it.  Hahahaha...  Right.  I only
see messages that don't go through for one reason or another (bounces
and errors in "::" use).

Chael Hall

Chael Hall
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
(317) 285-3648 after 5 pm EST