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Re: CYPHER: Problems with pgp2.2 ELM scripts?

> Hi all,
> Has anyone apart from me experienced problems with Vesselin's perl
> scripts for ELM that came bundled with pgp2.2? I'm running ELM 2.4 pl21,
> on a Sparc IPX, and basically, sometimes morepgp works, and sometimes
> it doesn't. mailpgp is proving fine. 

I am too.  When I try to read my mail w/ elm, I get a (long!) pause then
the message:

Bad flag -S

And the program bugs out.

> Now, I'm no perl wiz, so I can't really dive in and fix it, nor am I
> asking for someone to fix it (unless they want to), but it would be nice
> to know that it's just not my utter ineptitude...  ;=)

Then we're both inept. ;^)

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