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Re: HIDE: embedded msgs in grphics & snd

George Gleason writes:

>Re. cyphertext and music: I've been professionally involved in the
>recording/production scene and could arrange something.  There are plenty of
>damn good bands in the Bay Area who might volunteer for this kind of thing;
>I can think of a couple of candidates right away.  Also a great local
>studio, Polymorph Productions, which would be amenable to this.  All we need
>to get going is for someone to cover the actual cost of studio time, which
>is only $30/hour.  Now the only hitch right now is my own schedule being

I'm all for exploring hiding messages in the LSBs of images and audio
(having written on this since 1988, and several times on this list), but I
don't understand the idea of putting messages in widely distributed,
publicly-advertised commercial or semi-commercial CDs:

- if lots of people know about it--presumably the goal here--then why hide
the message? (Granted, it'll make some people say "Like, wow! Like,
messages, man!"...or whatever the current vernacular version would be.)

- how would the key be distributed as widely? 

- clearly this is not a practical way to steganographically send messages. 

So, what exactly is the point of this exercise?

-Tim May

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