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Re: META: Support for prefixes

{I realize I'm a mere two weeks behind in my mail...  please ignore me if
I'm way out of date on this...}

I agree that this is a great idea... and looking ahead into the mail I am
behind in, it looks like it is being done...  I'd also like to be able to
tell which mail list t he mail was from... I'd like it if the remailed
mail from the list had CYPH: prepended to the front of all the subjects...

On another note.... Tony... Please don't requote a large post, just to add
a one line reply...  It wastes a lot of bandwidth...  I hope that no
mailers still exist that do not allow you to edit the text that it
includes from an original message when doing a reply...  5 minutes of
editing for one person saves hundreds of people from wasting their time
skipping a redundant post...

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On Wed, 3 Mar 1993, Tony Kidson wrote:

> >  [ a convincing but long repost deleted ] ...
> > Yanek Martinson
> > [email protected]

> I fully support this call for prefixes by subject class.
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