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Re: Idea

> > 
> > >  Although the material is interesting, my mailbox is getting flooded..
> > > perhaps the mail should be compiled into a newsletter or 'zine format
> > > and mailed monthly.
> > 
> > I have no problems keeping up with the cypherpunks messages (they form
> > such a small procentage of my mail anyway), and a good mail reader
> > definitely helps. But if the messages got digested into huge batches, I
> > would definitely stop reading them.
> Me to!  I might venture into the table of contents.  If nothing seemed 
> interesting there, (and there might be good stuff) I'd simpy hit 'd'.  Don't
> digest them!  Thanx.

Perhaps it might make sense to digest them and offer the digest (perhaps
weekly or even a daily digest) as an alternative mirror of the regular
list.  The cypherpunks messages make a small percentage of my mail too, but
when I get a one or two hundred messages a day it is hard for me to keep
track of ongoing discussions in this list and I have a tendency to nuke the
messages outright if the subject doesn't interest me.  Redirecting the
messages to a seperate folder doesn't help much either because I sometimes
don't have the time to check the folder more than once a day and then when
I do check it I spend more time thinking about how to trim the many
messages than anything else...

It is kind of ironic that a list which deals with the dispersal and
protection of information only offers a single, inefficient, method for
accessing that information.  Offering a daily or weekly digest of messages
would be agood thing, IMHO. In addition to making the list accessible to
people who have real jobs or better things to do with thier time during the
day [ :-) ] it would also offer an easy method for archival of messages on
the list (e.g. just store the daily or weekly logs somewhere for ftp...)