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Legal Net Monthly Newsletter

Opinion, editorial and news worthy submissions are currently being
(sought and) accepted for a new start-up electronic news journal.
This monthly compilation will be called 'The Legal Net Monthly
Newsletter' and will focus on the legal and ethical aspects of
computer networking. Legal Net Monthly will be a non-biased, open
forum electronic newsletter keeping in step with the networking
environment of the '90's and will be availble by E-Mail subscription.
Legal Net Monthly is aiming to release it's first issue on May 1st,
1993. Articles on the following topics are especially welcome:
        o   Defining "Criminal Mischief" on the Nets
        o   Authoring/Distributing Computer Viruses: Legal Implications
        o   Legislative news around the world
Send all sumissions, subscription requests and correspondence to:
[email protected]

Paul Ferguson                     |  "Sincerity is fine, but it's no
Network Integration Consultant    |   excuse for stupidity."
Centreville, Virginia USA         |                       -- Anonymous
[email protected]     (Internet)    |
sytex.com!fergp     (UUNet)       |
1:109/229           (FidoNet)     |
       PGP 2.2 public encryption key available upon request.