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Call for Submissions: Autonomedia

Please feel free to distribute the following to anyone you think might be
interested.  Thanks.



Dear Friends,

Autonomedia is preparing an anthology of essays and possible visual
material for a book (and electronic media) on the issues surrounding
communications, intellectual property, work, and new information
technologies.  We anticipate a publication date at the end of this year.

Among the many topics we hope to address:

The anti-copyright movement
State information-control mechanisms
"Plunderphonics" and sound sampling
Cypherpunk and crypto anarchy
Hacking and cracking
The politics of "academic freedom"
Virtual prisons and digital leashes
Class struggle on the high-tech front
Phone sex and computer porn
Obsolescent media and "product"
The politics of mail art and free radio
Future tech
Network TV, cable, and narrowcasting
Laws and borders, globalism
Aesthetics of appropriation after post-modernism
Electronic banking, digital cash, the end of "money"
Visual imaging and electronic pictography
Virtual reality and electronic spectacularity
Data piracy: computer viruses, high tech luddism, etc.
Anonymity and digital identities
Genetics as commercial medium
Primitivism and the anti-technology movement
The legacy and future of phone phreaking
Body politics, angelic capital, mormons in space
Robots and computerized industrial production
Media ecology and media diets
Surveillance and popular defense
"Information economy"

This list is meant to be suggestive, not exhaustive.  Query us with
your suggestions as soon as possible.  We hope to make contact with
all possible contributors by the start of summer, with a final deadline
of October 1, 1993,  for submissions.  Wherever feasible, please send
submissions on computer disk (ASCII or any word processing format in any
platform) as well as by paper copy.

We appreciate any help you may be able to offer in this endeavor.

P.O. Box 568
Williamsburg Station
Brooklyn, NY 11211-0568

email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Fax: 718-387-6471