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Re: Many Important Items in the News

Phil Karn comments on my proposal:

>>(Cypherpunks remailers may want to change the "Nobody" and "Anonymous" tags
>>to names that are less screenable, less susceptible to censorship by
>>ARMM-type programs. Using a rotating list of fictional or historical names
>>may be an approach, but I'm sure we can think of many ways to bypass
>>ARMM-type cancellers.)
>I'm not sure I like this idea. In my own discussions with people on
>this issue, I've found that "filterability" (for lack of a better
>term) overcomes *many* (if not all) of the standard objections to
>anonymous email.

A very good point. I was thinking more about the "ARMM"-style attacks and
not so much about the normal filters people might write to keep from seeing
anonymous posts.

So, anything we do to make it hard for a determined attacker (writing
ARMM-style filters), makes it even harder for casual users.

I guess the solution is to discourage global, ARMM-style filters (and
perhaps even look again, as a community, at digital sigs for postings, so
that only the author can cancel them).

-Tim May

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