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Re: Many Important Items in the News

     I think we need to gear our remailers more towards pseudonymous
communication.  I agree with Phil Karn when he says mailer filters will
eventually be capable [and widespread] as to filter by RSA public-key so as
to only need one anonymous acct... But for now I believe we need to open up
more pseudonymous remailers such as penet, with an anonymous option.
     There may be legal trouble upon action of this suggestion, and all the
better to bring attention to our cause.. assuming we can get enough people
to start this type of remailer.

(Phil Karn) writes:

>More elaborate filters could be constructed that would accept
>anonymous email only when it had been signed by certain specific RSA
>keys. This would let consenting parties communicate by means of
>pseudonyms, without having to open themselves up to anonymous
>harassment from the entire net.
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