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Re: A New Usenet...

Beware: I couldn't think of any alternatives after this lex-meme flooded
my mind....  It's fairly contrived, but not as bad as the coff / robotussin
pair from GNU bintools...

I'm interested in discussing, reviewing, and writing parts of the proposed
new netnews system extensions/rewrites.

I've been modifying the current system anyway, so why not?

(I have already added compressed/archived news storage to INN and Tin for
my Local Internet Gateway (LIG) project/company/turn-key system.)

Now, about a name: the first thing that popped into my mind is:

PANTO (need I point this out? [MIME]  Hey, one good name deserves another...)

What's it stand for? hmmm..

Protected, Anonymous News Transaction Operation    or Operator
Protected  Ambiguity Net  Transaction Option
Protected, Authenticated News Trans.  Option
				      Oligarchy (hmmm. got to look that one up)
			 	      (Begins with O, syn. for: system, server,
				       standard, service, interconnect, format)
A PantoMime system is therefore one that supports News, Mail, with
Mime, PGP/PEM/whatever, etc. capabilities.

I always view News, Mail, and IRC as three legs of a triad of 
speed/bandwidth/audience tradeoffs so I'd like to have a cute extension to
cover realtime interactive also.