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I contacted Eric Hughes, and he suggested that my question was of
general enough interest to share with the group. Here is my question
followed by Eric's response:



You pointed me in the direction of hal's remailer at
and I have the code now. However, since I'm not that familiar
with perl, I'm having trouble figuring out exactly how it works.
Do you know if anyone has written a technical description of
how the remailer works?

I would like to build a remailer too, and I wanted to try and
understand how Hal's remailer works first. Also, do you know if
there is code available for any other remailers in shell script
or C?

Thanks a lot,
Avi Rubin


Chael Hall wrote a remailer in C.  He should be willing to share his
code.  Ask on the list.

The question you asked me about understanding the remailer operation
is of general enough interest that you ought to just ask the list at

In specific, I don't know of any such theory of operation.