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Re: help with PGP 2.2

Michael Diehl writes:

>I'm having problems with pgp 2.2.  I am trying to add someone's key to my ring.
>I get e-mail from them, save it to a file and xfer it to my home system.  Then
>I type pgp -ka <filename> to add the new stuff to my keyring.  I've even edited
>the file to just include the pgp stuff.  What am I doing wrong?  

I had the same problem - I believe it is to do with a new flag PGP 2.2 sets
in your public keyring (see documentation). I solved the problem by 
executing 'pgp -kc' which checks the contents of your keyring. After that PGP
worked fine, although to be honest I'm not sure why.

Hope this helps.

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