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Re: Anonymity, accountability, and control

>    I believe that UUNET has applied for and received common carrier
>    status [...]
> 	I'd love to hear more about this --- my understanding was that
> "common carrier" status only had a specific meaning for telephone
> companies, and also meant as a side effect that they had to regulated by
> the FCC.  I was not aware that "common carrier" status had any meaning
> in the computer networking arena, since no regulatory agency would have
> the right to receive applications and grant common carrier status,
> unless a law were specifically passed by Congress or perhaps some action
> resulting from a Federal court decision.

I am fairly certain that the people doing Skynet (Usenet news over
satelite) are common carriers (or at least that is what Len Rose told me, I
could be wrong...)  For an example that predates computer communication by
some time but might be a worthwhile example anyway, take a look at Western
Union's telegraph business.  What is/was thier status regarding the
messages they sent?