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Availability of filtering scripts

In message <[email protected]> you write:

>Were such a utility posted to alt.sources, and if all a user had to do
>was ftp it from an archive, unpack it, and run it once, we would be in
>a much better position politically, (even if the utility received very
>little use).
>It is difficult to install mail filters.  Our argument for user
>filtering would be much stronger if installation were simple.
>A similar argument holds for anonymous posting filters in a global
>KILL file.

two points:

1.  An even more convienient way to distribute this filter would be
by having it available from the anonymizing server itself.  Mail to
[email protected] to get a copy.  This is better for
sites that do not have ftp available.

1.5  A variant on this approach would be for the server itself to do
the blocking of mail.  Mail to [email protected]  Would
prevent that server from sending anonymous mail to you.  (the server
would, of course, send a receipt for the transaction to the user
who's mail is blocked...just in case of request forgery.)

2.  This would be a political win, but it would really be just a step
in the right direction since many people don't read their mail from
UNIX boxes....  PCs, Macs, Fidonet boards, VMS, etc.