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anonymous services


After reading Mr. Finney's response to my comments, I can see that I 
really shouldn't try to make suggestions on how an anonymous service 
should be implemented. I clearly don't have the knowledge necessary to 
address this subject without sounding like an idiot. :-)

So... I'll instead simply say what I would like to see in an anonymous 
service, and I'll leave discussion of the technicalities to people who 
know what they're talking about.

I'd like to see something which combines the strengths of the different 
types of anonymous services while reducing or eliminating the weaknesses.

A service which can be used as easily as anon.penet.fi would certainly be 
nice. I'd also like to see encryption available as an option. Ideally, 
messages would not _have_ to be encrypted. Making encryption optional 
would be good for paranoid individuals such as myself, while making the 
service more accessible to people who are willing to sacrifice security. 
This would also accomodate people within the U.S. who want to use the 
service put are afraid of Mr. Sternlight. :-)

I like the way the Cypherpunks Remailers let users chain and encrypt 
their messages so that even the remailers can't know both the sender and 
recipient. This is something I'd also like to see in a new anonymous 

I still think that one or more back-up servers would not be a totally bad 
idea. I realize that I don't know what I'm talking about, but I just 
don't understand why it would be impossible to have a back-up server 
(with a copy of the active server's database) on standby. I'm not saying 
that the existence of such a back-up should be advertised--I just think 
that it should be possible to have somebody set up a backup _without 
actually running it_ so that when the active server gets shut down, it 
can quickly step in to take over.

Oh, and on a unrelated subject...
Could anybody with information on $50/month UUNET connections please send 
it to me, or tell me who I should write to about it? Thanks in advance.

                            Kenneth G. Hagler

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