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Re: PGP Secure?

> This has been recently hashed over in sci.crypt.  Here are a few
> generalities, read the articles in sci.crypt for the real numbers.

For those of us who don't have access to USENET, is there a mailing-list
that echo's it's content and allows posting?

> 	-If you did 1000 attempts to break a 1024 bit RSA key every second
> 	and started your calculations at the beginning of the universe, you
> 	would still have several trillion years to go.
> 	-If you stored every attempted key in a single atom, you would run
> 	out of atoms in the universe long before you ran out of keys.

Couldn't this argument also be made about a simple substitution code?
How secure is PGP with current smarter attacks?

Peter Baumbach
[email protected]