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Re: ANON: Mark anon. posts a

>There is a problem with the notion that all "anonymous" remailers and
>news-posting services should label their messages as anonymous so that
>users can decide whether to read them or not.  This approach abandons one
>of the strongest arguments in favor of anonymous remailers, which is
>that the net is inherently an anonymous environment.

Here's a queer thought:

You've heard about the usenet dossiers that have been compiled and
sold to prospective employers?  How about a dossier-lookup function
integrated into your favorite news reader?  It would connect to a
dossier server and quickly provide a cross-reference of all the other
posts by the current poster...copies of the last 10 revisions of his
plan file...and an analysis of his individual quirks...(along with,
perhaps, a list of the top ten reasons not to hire him)....

Is this so off-base?  We've also been talking a lot about reputation
filters, which would probably require such activity logging.

Hell, it could even be put to a few good uses:  We could call up
Eric's dossier to quickly find his original remailer post to