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Re: \"Reputations\" are more than just nominalist hot air

Responding to msg by [email protected] (James A. Donald) on 
Sat, 3 Sep 11:51 PM

>I really do not want to digress onto the issue of 
>nominalism and  legal positivism, which is seriously 
>off topic, but a similar approach on other matters has 
>led to the catastrophic collapse  of societies in the 
>past, and I would claim that it is having  something of 
>that effect in the present.

*  *  *

>If such a system was to serve the function that 
>reputations now serve  in the real world, it would lead 
>to consequences very different from  those intended or 
>desired by Hal.

Your elaboration of this claim, to echo Tim's later post,  
would be welcomed.

Tim has mentioned before that "off topic" is solved by artful 
weaving.  Please do.