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Re: Ethics of Anonymous Remailers (Re: Needed for a computer ethics class)

>No, but it's something that I often get asked.  I would be interested to hear
>examples of good things that people are using my anonymous remailer for.

Take Pr0duct Cypher, for example. Many believe that what (s)he's doing(*) is 
a Good Thing, and I've seen him/her using the Cypherpunk remailers to 
conceal his/her identity.

* If you don't know, (s)he's the person who wrote PGPTOOLS, and a hack for 
PGP 2.3a to decrypt messages written with 2.6. I assume (s)he's doing it 
anonymously due to ITAR regulations.

Hey Feds! How's it goin'? (LIke you're not reading the list. :)
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