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Re: Needed for a computer ethics class

  > I'm in the process of writing a course on computer ethics for
  > the University of Colorado at Boulder and I think anonymous
  > remailers would be a good subject for an essay assignment, but
  > I need enough material (ideally, primary source material) to
  > lay the groundwork first.
  You're not in any way related to Detweiler are you? :-)
Nope, 'fraid not.  Never even met the "gentleman," as it happens.
I'm sure that whoever is running the Medusa style-analyzer can
bear me out on that.  8-) 

(That and the fact that I've been on cypherpunks for nearly a year
now, and Detweiler's not subtle enough to keep his tentacles quiet
for that long.  Feeling paranoid?)

Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough on the question.  I don't
need to be convinced that remailers are a Good Thing.  I already
believe it.  On the other hand, [I feel] it's more professional to point
the students on magazine articles, FAQ's, and stuff and to let
them draw their own conclusions about the inherent Rightness of
anonymous Email than to simple proseletyze at them, which never works.
So I'm looking for material *external* to what I'm presenting them
directly, rather than simply arguments, which I can make in the course
of the class.