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Re: Micro Power Broadcasting Meeting/Picnic & Workshops

The following article in alt.society.anarchy touched on some issues
that have been occasionally discussed here in cypherpunks.
(I'm temporarily disconnected from receiving cypherpunks
until my mail addresses get straightened out - sigh.)  Bill

In article <[email protected]> somebody writes:
]You are invited to a meeting of the Free Communications Coalition on
]Sunday, September 11.  It will be held in Berkeley at 809 B Allston Way
](two blocks south of University Ave. between 6th and 5th) from 12 noon to
]2 PM.  A potluck vegie picnic will follow at a nearby park complete with a
]live micro power broadcast.  Members of the Free Communications Coalition
](the peoples' FCC) include San Francisco Liberation Radio, Radio Libre,
]Free Radio Berkeley, National Lawyers Guild Committee on Democratic
]Communications and other micro power practioners and supporters.  Help
]plan the fall/winter campaign to take back the airwaves. 
]Two workshops on micro power broadcasting are scheduled for the Bay 
]Area.  The first one will be held in Berkeley at the Long Haul, 3124 
]Shattuck Avenue on Saturday, September 24.  New College, 777 Valencia in 
]San Francisco will be the site of the second workshop on Saturday, 
]October 8.  Both workshops will start at 11 AM and run until about 4 PM.  
]A donation of $5-$25 is requested.  Materials and info will be provided.  
]Learn how to put your own micropower station on the air.
]Listen to San Francisco Liberation Radio 93.7 on the air every night
]covering the western portion of SF, north and west of Twin Peaks.  Radio
]Libre 103.3 is on every night from the Mission District covering an area
]east of Twin Peaks.  Free Radio Berkeley returns to the air on Sunday,
]September 4 at 8 PM on 104.4
]For further information, contact Free Radio Berkeley / Free 
]Communications Coalition.  You can request a current copy of our 
]newsletter and list of the kits we offer.  
]Email: [email protected]
]Snail: FRB, 1442 A Walnut St., #406, Berkeley, CA 94709
]Voice mail: (510) 464-3041

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