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Re: List of reliable remailers

> Just to give some kudos to Raph, I've used his "finger" service and
> have been shocked at how _good_ it is! Seeing the uptimes, delays,
> etc. is very useful in planning remailer chains.
> I haven't had the time to explore his other tools, though.
	'premail' is excellent. I just this weekend hacked elm and
pine to worrrk with premail, which I posted to the list. (these
versions of elm and pine are installed on c2.org -- premail is not yet
publically installed.)

> Between this pinging service, and those of Matt Ghio and Sameer Parekh
> (haven't checked it in a while), welcome progress has been made.
	My pinger (on [email protected] and [email protected])
has not been very reliable. I wanted a remailer pinger service
available for my blind server and client projects and having seen
Raph's setup I am deferring to his. .
	I hope to be able to incorporate the excellent setup that Raph
is running into a client for the blind server running on omega.c2.org.

	Regarding Tim's earlier comments about for-pay remailers and
such. I regard [email protected] a for-pay/prfossionally run
remailer. While there is no charge associated with using the remailer,
it is running as one of the many services offered by the for-profit
Community ConneXion system. Thus I hope to keep this remailer very
reliable, very strong, and Raph's setup will hopefully show this.
	(The blind server is an actual for-pay service but I expect
that most users will not use it to a degree more than they get for
free when they set up an account -- I should make sure I reword my
description to emphasize that. [I suspect the reason thhat not many
people have signed up [the client *is* hard to use, yes, and slightly
buggy, but it works.. that is a reason, but not the main one, in my
eyes is that people see that it is a forpay service and don't realize
that light usage is free])

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