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Re: Where can I get cypherpunk t-shirts?

> Funny that you should bring this up while being lauded for providing
> reliability information. My own "ping test" of the "Cypherpunk Criminal"
> T-shirts resulted in 100% failure; e.g., no shirts yet and we must be
> approaching a 2-digit number of months since I ordered. The seller said
> that mine were in the last batch of funny-size shirts that got somehow
> screwed up; a few months ago they were to be reprinted and then in the
> mail within 2 weeks. Sigh. 

Funny you should mention that. I ordered a "Cypherpunk Criminal"
tee shirts (a couple, actually) and got them without delay.
I am very happy with them.

Suggest you e-mail [email protected] to resolve.


- paul