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Hiring Blacks

Michael Conlen writes:

> Lets say a place wont hire blacks, and you happend to be black, and 
> wanted to work for such a company. Would you do what you can to hide your 
> color, if possible, to get hired, then let them try to fire you over it, 
> or would you decide that you wouldnt want to work for this company at 
> all? What if MOST companys had this policy... ...and the ones that didnt, 
> wouldnt pay anyone what they are worth. What then?

Were I black, I wouldn't want to work for them. However, if they asked
my race, and I lied/deceived them, and they discovered it later
(naturally), I would expect to be fired. That's life in a society
based on voluntary interactions. Libertarianism 101.

(It's also part of Libertarianism 101 that such a company would not
likely do well in this day and age. Before you cite America's racist
past, read up on who it was that enforced segregation. Hint: not the
corporations. Ditto for South Africa (the "other" RSA), where the
Apartheid Laws came into being because companies were looking to hire
blacks and coloreds to fill job position, and the whites didn't like
that much.)

--Tim May

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