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Citizen-Unit Donald De-Certified

To all Certified Citizen-Units,

We are most disappointed to inform you of the sad fate of a bright young
Citizen-Unit, James A Donald. Citizen-Unit Donald has fallen prey to the
increasingly common disease of incorrect thinking. He has actually suggested
the possibility that this august and universally respected Board be replaced
with what he calls a 'reputation' system. In his system, Citizen-Units would
not be Certified by a central Board of Credentials, but would actually have
'reputations' - semi-certificates of approval by each Citizen-Unit. These
reputations would be independent of any group of Citizen-Units, and would 
represent the trust placed by _individual_ Units in the recipient. In such a
system, a wrong-thinking Unit may have a bad reputation with most people, but
a good one with others!

This suggestion seems dangerously close to pre-civilization tribal society,
and makes the insupportable assumption that a Citizen-Unit knows what is best
for itself. As we all know, any individual's opinions are hopelessly inadequate
when compared with the Collective, as expressed by this Board. It is hoped that
other Units will keep themselves away from such incorrect attitudes.

Citizen-Unit Donald shall henceforth be treated as De-Certified.

Citizen-Unit Rishab Ghosh,
Senior Certifier, Central Board of Credentials and Certification

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