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The only? CRS cypberpunk?

   Am I the only subscriber of crs, that is interested in privacy?

   Over the last few months, when the addressee list got wiped, I 
seemed to be the only person complaining, about the lack of message 
traffic. (Thanks to the volume of the conferences I pick up, it took  
me over a week to notice the first time the list got wiped).  I've 
made a point of uploading privacy orientated software, such as the 
latest versions of pgp, sfs, secure drive, secure device, to 
crs, when I've found such things, primarily through this list.

  Am I the only person on crs (currently advertised as around 9,500
subscribers), who is interested in privacy?

  If there are lurkers here, from crs,  who would like me to continue 
to monitor for new software, and obtain/upload the software to crs,
please let me know.

  Regards, Dave Hodgins,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

 * RM 1.3 00820 * Internet:[email protected] Rime->118 Fido(1:229/15)