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Re: CONTROL FREAKS, fascism, etc

> Fascism was a more sophisticated and coherent philosophy than
> you give it credit for.  Hitler mass marketed a vulgarized
> mass market version to the ignorant unwashed masses, but this
> was only after the political romantic philosophies came to have
> substantial support among the intellectuals, and this philosophical
> support was translated into political support by intellectuals 
> for the various volkish parties, one of which was the National
> German Socialist Workers party, which Hitler later joined
> and swiftly came to dominate.
> There really is no similar contender on the scene today.

I would recommend reading "the Ominous Parallels" by  Leonard Peikoff
(spelling?). It discusses this in great detail, as well as how the US of
today is moving more and more in that direction. Many good ideas to mull