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Re: CONTROL FREAKS (nee, AIDs testing and privacy)

Jim choate writes
> I hate to burts your bubble but the masses of the Germany of the first
> half of this century were no more unwashed or ignorant than today. The

They may be clean but they are still ignorant as ever.

> Germany of that day was technologicaly sophisticated and education was
> as wide spread as it is today. The vast majority of Germans could read
> and do their cyphers

Exactly so.

> In Italys case, the fascist were voted in.

1. They have not been voted in - they are a junior partner
   in a multi party coalition. 

2. They are a mere political party - no longer a powerful, 
   attractive, and superficially plausible ideology.  

> > While a military dictatorship is possible, a military dictatorship
> > that is not armed with good volkish philosophy is unlikely to
> > be capable of doing much harm, because military dictatorships
> > are continually and gravely threatened by loss of internal cohesion
> > and discipline.
> >
> Germany, Italy, and Japan did not start out as military dictatorships. Both
> Germany and Italy were relative demecrocies which did not take into account
> a lot of their 'reality'.

Read before flaming:  I am quite aware that the fascists were a 
political movement, not a military coup.

My point was exactly that.  That though a military coup is possible,
the ideology that made that political movement possible is dead,
dead, dead, dead.

Get it.


Fascism was an idea.  That idea has been proven false.

The end.