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Black Cryptoanarchy (KKK, monopolies, contract killing)

Though I acknowledge that Doug's fears are real, there's one thing to
keep in mind: cryptography is not by any means a magic shield for
criminals.  It eliminates, perhaps, one avenue by which crimes might
be discovered.  However, it is most certainly not the case that
someone who places an open anonymous contract for a murder in an open
forum is doing so "risk free".  There are *plenty* of ways she might
be found out.  Likewise, big secret societies that nefariously
undermine the free world via cryptography are as vulnerable as ever to
the motivations of their own members to expose the groups in a

Crime is crime.  Crime (in the philosophical sense; crime against
individuals, crime against the environment, and so on, as opposed to
crime as defined by the current establishment in power) is conducted
by criminals no matter what the tools are.  Every object on the planet
is a potential accomplice to the criminal.

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