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RE: E.C.T.

Dave Merriman explains:
> One thing did occur to me after reading the ECT proposal: it would seem to be 
> ideal for mailing lists and moderated newsgroups. Someone wanting to post an 
> article/message pays (say) C|10 for the privelege; if others like it, they 
> send the author C|1.  Flamers don't make much (if any) money, and good stuff 
> increases wealth.

You don't need any Testbed Administration to do that. You can start such
a mailing list right now, based on "silly name" NetCash/NetBank. They
have the advantage of being right here, right now, and they are real money
(so far :-).

The fact that they receive their funds only through 900 numbers does not
even necessarily limit them to USA residents: others can easily buy and
sell "credits" through said USA residents.  After all, people have been
selling software and T-shirts internationally for a while.

AMIX was based on such a system, albeit somehow considering they didn't
need internet access, and building a pricing schedule more in line with
Dialog than with internet (read "out of this world" :-).

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