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Boulder, Colorado RMIUG Crypto-Fest 9/13 6:30pm


What:  Rocky Mountain Internet User's Group (RMIUG) Crypto-Fest
When:  Tuesday 13 September 1994 7:00pm-9:00pm, cookies at 6:30pm
Where: NCAR (West end of Table Mesa Drive), Boulder, COLORADO

Who:   Philip Dubois (Philip Zimmermann's lawyer and a very nice guy) and Mike
       Johnson (alledged crypto expert, designer of the Diamond Encryption
       Algorithm, PGP beta tester, and PGP user).  Sorry, Philip Zimmermann
       had a change of plans and will be at a conference in Atlanta.  The show
       must go on!

RMIUG "Crypto-Fest"

A users approach to encryption with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy):

I. A Very Short History of Cryptography
	A. Single Key Systems
	B. Two Key Systems (Public Key Cryptography)
	C. Hash Functions (MD4, MD4, SHA)
	D. What can be done with encryption?
II. Current crypto applications
III. PGP Building Blocks
	A. Public Key Algorithm (RSA)
	B. Hash function (MD5)
	C. Symmetric Key Algorithm (IDEA)
	D. Compression engine (Info-ZIP)
	E. ASCII armor engine
	F. Key database
	G. File formats
IV. What can PGP do?  What are its advantages?
	A. Privacy
	B. Authentication with nonrepudiation
	C. Compression (ZIP)
	D. ASCII armor
	C. Distributed Key Management (the Web of Trust)
	D. Inter-platform compatibility
	E. Wide availability
	F. Source code available (except for Viacrypt Digi-Sig)
	G. Ease of use (best around, but could be better)
V. Who uses PGP?  What do they use it for?
VI. How do you use PGP?  Read the fine manual.  2 books coming.
	A. Getting PGP
	B. Installing PGP
	C. Generate your key
	D. Distribute your public key
	E. Add keys from your correspondents
	E. Signing messages
	F. Encrypting messages (public key method)
	G. Conventional encryption pgp -c
VII. History/development of PGP & Legal Issues
	A. Why did Philip Zimmermann write pgp?
	B. Legal Issues
	C. Version History
VIII. What's happening now?
	A. Legal Actions & Status
	B. Political Action
	C. Future Development Plans

There will be opportunities to ask questions of the two panelists during and
after the presentation.

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