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NNTP access to cypherpunks

I've been meaning to let folks know about this for a while, but was

If anbody wants to read/post Cypherpunks via NNTP, I've set our NNTP
server to export "hks.lists.cypherpunks" (as well as the last year
of the homebrew digest in "hks.lists.homebrew") to world.  To
access it, just point your NNTPSERVER (or whatever) to "bb.com"
(that'll change in the medium future to "nntp.bb.com", but not
yet).  It slow, over a 14.4 SLIP link (for now: 56Kbps in a week),
but it's manageable.

If anybody wants a real feed of it (or any of the security lists),
let me know.
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