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Crackdown in Queensland, Australia?

When I saw the Sunday Mail post here on Queensland's prpposed crackdown on
cyberspace (for _child pornography_ if you please! I hereby decree that a
concerted effort must be made by all to increase the pedophile population of 
the Net from 97% to 100% - universal coverage. All new subscribers must provide
oridinal photographs as evidence of their tendencies before being given a
connection), I thought I'd ask Ian Peter himself. 

Ian Peter, who is quoted in the article and whom I met in February, replied:

> Re the Qld stuff - there really are no firm details yet, its proposed 
> legislation and may well change before becoming law - and the journos 
> concerned are going on rumnours because no copies of the legislation are 
> available yet.
> So it's wait and see!
> [... Ian Peter]

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