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Is cypherpunks archived somewhere?

Is the cypherpunks list being automatically archived where it can be
retrieved by anonymous FTP?

Yes, there *are* occasional nuggets on this list. Why, there's even
the occasional practical item about cryptography buried in the massive
rants to the libertarian choir. But I'd hate to miss stuff like the
recent note on RC4. That's why I haven't unsubscribed yet.

But something has to give. The list is just too high-volume, and the
signal-to-noise ratio is now below -1.6 dB. It's just not worth it.
It's a major reason why I always seem to run as much as a week behind
on my mail.

If there were an automatic FTP archive of the list, then I could
unsubscribe while keeping the option of pulling over and grepping
through an archived batch every so often just to see if anybody is
actually doing anything.