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compiled by Stanton McCandlish

EFF Digital Money & Online Commercial Transactions Archive

Index of:

ftp.eff.org, /pub/EFF/Policy/Privacy/Crypto_Clipper_ITAR/Digital_money/
gopher.eff.org, 1/EFF/Policy/Privacy/Crypto_Clipper_ITAR/Digital_money
http://www.eff.org/pub/EFF/Policy/Privacy/Crypto_Clipper_ITAR/Digital money/

chaum_privacy_id.article - David Chaum's August 1992 article from
                           Scientific America describing "blind signature'
                           technology and the possibilities of enhanced
                           digital privacy.  Such technology is behind
                           Chaum's "DigiCash" e-money system.

david_chaum.biblio - a 1994 list of publications by David Chaum,
                     "the father of digital money", and strong proponent
                     for online transaction systems that are anonymous
                     and cryptographically secure.

digicash.brochure - a 1994 brochure describing what DigiCash is.

digicash.gif - the DigiCash logo.  This is a GIF-format graphic file.

digicash.announce - May 1994 press release hailing digicash as the first
                    online cash payment system over computer networks.

double_spend_finney.notes - October 1993 notes from a mailing list
                            Chaum's digital cash in lay terms, focussing
                            on the "double spending" problem that has
                            so far crippled attempts to institute online
                            transactions by others.  By Hal Finney.

ecash.gif - an "E-Cash" logo graphic (intended for use by merchants that
            accept DigiCash).

magic_money.announce - may 1994 description of Magic Money V1.1 with
                       autoclient and multiserver capability.  This is
                       an Internet-based digital money system.

online_banks.info - a listing of online banks worldwide, books about
                   online banking and a description of why online banking
                   increases the privacy of individuals.

online_cash_chaum.paper - Chaum's 1993 article describes 3 ways to make
                           online cash exchange work.

prepaid_smartcard_chaum.article - Chaum's 1994 paper explaining the
                                  technique of prepaid smartcards which
                                  contains stored value (in terms of
                                  which a user might exchange with a vendor
                                  rather than cumbersome cash.

secure_newsgroup.paper - Marc Rinquette's August 1992 article on
                         implementing electrocnic cash using secure

visa_e-purse.announce - 1994 article and commentary discussing "electronic
                         purse" proposal from Visa.