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Re: The Importance of Filtering

One of the things that might be helpful with regards to filtering would be
some kind of a user-friendly interface that will allow easy editing and
manipulation of the elm filter or procmail rules.  (For example, the Tin
newsreader has a good entry screen for killfiles based on subject or
author.) In addition, I remember way back when when I was using NN as a
newsreader, there was a way to set up killfiles with a certain number of
days before they would timeout and be removed from the killfile. 

If a program existed that would allow similiar manipulation of mail
killfiles, that would be great.  (regretably, I am a dreadful programmer
and really am not sure how to design or write the program). 

As for the digested version of this list, I have received good word and 
hopefully my machine will be back online in the next couple days.

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