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Re: US Fascist Dictatorship?

> Even in the more coventional areas of political discourse, there seem to be
> people who think that we can -- for example -- "seal the borders." Do any of
> these people happen to know how many people cross US borders each year?
> Would you believe 40,000,000!  It seems unlikely that we can go from 40
> million to zero without some problems.  This is travel in both directions of
> course.  Most of the crossings are of the US-Canada and US-Mexico borders.
> Mexican, US, and Canadian citizens have equal rights to cross each other's
> borders with minimal documentation.
Just as an aside, only about 14 -17 % of the US population has passports.

> The fgailure of border sealing shows the general inability of modern
> governments to cope with there enforcement problems.  1984 is no where in sight.

Just wait until you become a target of the DoJ Forfieture Superfund...

It may not be exactly like the prediction but there are lots of things that
Huxley simply did not think about or didn't exist when the book was written.
While I don't ascribe to the fall of the US I do believe the Constitution is
under attack by do-gooders. 

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.