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Re: US Fascist Dictatorship?

At 12:09 AM 9/15/94 -0400, Bob Snyder wrote:
>>So is the US about to grab all the guns, seal the borders, make foreign
>>trade a crime, and change the color of the money?
>And the link to cryptography is what?

Most of the members of this list are here because they see crypto as a
"technological fix" that will let us ignore government and private
interventions/invasions (that we want to ignore).  

That makes this a somewhat political list.  I know we have been a bit
political of late but what I was trying to do with my post was to introduce
a bit of reality in to what are usually somewhat unrealistic ideas.

Those who are involved in cryptography often seem to be seeking
mathematically perfect security.  They also assume that the oppressors are
deploying mathematically perfect oppression.  When I describe the total
incompetence at the INS, I am just trying to point out that The Great Enemy
is not all that efficient so we can make do with less than perfect security.