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Re: privacy in Unix environment

> Hello everyone, here is a question well suited for the c'punks.
> I'm looking for some kind of utility that will allow script files
> to be run, to spawn off processes, but will wipe out environment
> and "ps" info from being read. i.e. imagine that the commands
> being called must shield their arguments and environment from
> the "ps" command run on a system. the ideal program would let
> me run csh scripts but make all the unix commands called
> (sort, grep, whatever) invisible to other users on my local
> system.
> can it be done?
> note: I am aware of the trick of using symbolic links to hide
> command names.

This can't be done with scripting (though, as some other folks have
pointed out, you can sometimes overwrite argv from a C program).

Perl might be a good alternative.  You get to perform fairly
high-level functions without spawning additional shells.

   - Mark -

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