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Re: Virtual assasins and lethal remailers

Doug Cutrell wrote:

| >Ah well, then the police just got to find the fingerprints and all the usual
| >things, right? What's cyberspace got to do with it?
| The point, of course, is that there is no risk to the person *placing* the
| contract.  The assassin, as you say, has all the usual risks.

	That is not really correct.  The risk is reduced, not
minimalized.  Further, I will argue that the reduction is not even
very significant.  The usual suspects will be dragged out; family
members, insurance beneficiaries, business partners.  The tracing of
the money from payer to assassin might be difficult, but there will
probably be a large, unaccounted for withdrawal from some back

	The police will be able to find a killer with a motive; very
few people would pay to have someone killed with whom they have only a
minimal connection.

	The anonymous nature of the funds & contract negotiation will
make finding this person more difficult, not impossible.