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Re: thoughts on RC4

Jim Gillogly says:
> Is mbps megabits per second?

Yes. John Ioannidis has gotten the code up to 24mbit/sec on
SparcStation IIs.

> The original code plods along on my 50 Mhz '486 laptop (Borland C++ Pro)
> at a paltry 1.43mbits/s.  Turning the inner loop into obfuscated C picks up
> a little to 3.84mbits/s, and doing it with 8086-compatible assembler
> yields only 8.40mbits/s.

A 50 Mhz '486 shouldn't be that far off a SparcStation if you are
operating in the right mode...

You don't have to get very obfuscated, but moving the swap in line,
doing a bit of unrolling and playing some games with word operations
can get you pretty far...