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(fwd) \"Will You Be a Terrorist?\" ( Moi? )

Other tidbits for thought:

.  Optimism
	It is easier to be optimistic about impending events & the 
gathering dark clouds on the horizon, when one is mentally 
prepared & is accoutered for dealing with a threatening 
circumstance.  Things don't look nearly so overwhelming the 
greater your confidence that you know how to respond; when you 
are prepared to meet the challenge because you have the means 
to do so (or can get them) and the knowledge of how to apply 
these to advantage.

.  Violation
	It is so telling, that legal documents on crime will always 
state that violations are of "section 351, 844 (f) or (i), 
1114, 1116, 1203, 1361, 1363, 1751,  2280, 2281, 2331, or 
2339",   or a violation of "this or any other Federal criminal 

	They don't say that an act is an attempted violation of 
"reality" or "of the sanctity of the individual"  or of "the 
principles of privacy"  or "the values for which this Nation 
stands".   The words and meanings are arranged to place the 
sanctity and inviolability of the State as beyond the right of 
the individual to contemplate.  It places the prerogative for 
State functions as existing outside an individual's category of 
the thought:  there is no way that one could  imagine the 
requirements of independent existence as sovereign to the 
functions of the State, as there is no allowance for, there are 
no "provisions"made for,  any power to act beyond what is 
outlined by "the Law".   That wouldn't be so bad, if The Law 
was a reflection of the real world and True Intelligence.

(Barring that, it's back to the trenches.  Now the trenches of