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More about Cypherpunks in *Expanded* Markoff Article!

[I've been gone all day and just got home.  I didn't see anybody else
writing about the extra mentions of Cypherpunks, compared to the "NYT"
article mentioned earlier, so here it is.]

Yes, folks, there's more on Cypherpunks in the Markoff article than
what the "New York Times" printed.

"All the news that fits, we print" applies as well to their column
inches quota, apparently.

I discovered that my local paper, the "San Jose Mercury News," carried
several more paragraphs that Markoff wrote. No joke, no satire here
from Klaus! The extra paragraphs are below:

"...Such software permits computer users to send messages so that they
are routed anonymously  [this is where NYT ended the piece]

"leaving little or no evidence for tracing the message back to the
original sender." [included in SJMN piece]

"Although motives for the disclosure of the formula remain unclear,
there has been a bitter controversy between computer users on the
Cypherpunks mailing list and executives at RSA Data Security.....

"Members of the Cypherpunks groups have contended that the RSA Data
Security patents constitute a monopoly that is hindering the
widespread use of data encryption software.

"Some members of the Cypherpunks have said they plan to take apart the
RC4 formula to create their own version, which would not be controlled
by RSA Data Security."

[this is where the SJMN ended it....I'm not sure if the Vallejo Valley
Times-Picayune carried more]

Quite a bit more on the Cypherpunks role, I'd say. 

--Tim May

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