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Acapulco H.E.A.T. Auxilliary Review

Well, here we go, sports fans - an alternative review of Acapulco H.E.A.T.

In this weeks' episode, the plot was that an Iranian freighter had gone down
in the waters off Acapulco - with stolen Russian U-235 aboard (enough to
make Iran a Nuclear Power).
The heavy (with an atrocious generic Slavic accent) was trying to recover
said uranium for sale to Iran ($50M price tag - keep it in mind).
Our Fearless Team was assisted by a world-famous salvage diver.  Since
nearly all the "action" took place underwater (duh!) at 17 fathoms (102 feet
to you non-Navy/sailing types :-) the bikini count was inordinately low.
Ditto on gun battles.  Ditto on explosions.  Ditto on
crypto/computer/privacy - the closest we got was a database search of
typhoon patterns.  No Fabio.  There *was* a brief flurry of goodguy/badguy
underwater WWF action, but considering that their alleged bottom time for
the dives was 25 minutes (any diver confirmation out there?), it not only
didn't last long, but wasn't terribly productive.
Toward the end, the H.E.A.T. team succeeded in recovering the stolen
uranium; interestingly, it appeared to be contained in a single box,
approximately 2' x 18" x 18" - what with shielding, etc, I don't know that
there was $50M worth inside.

Something to look forward to: next week, the team goes to Panama to deal
with an Evil Drug Lord.  From the preview clips, it looks to have a fairly
high bikini count - and they appeared to be some very nice bikinis, indeed :-)

Dave Merriman
Disclaimer: I'm not a reviewer, but I play one on the Internet.
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