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news (fwd)

This was forwarded by a friend of mine and a "witchhunt" list he is on at 
MIT. It seemed relevant given the government's current tactics.

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Just thought that someone might be interested in checking out this
conference. Last year it, at its first conference it advertized a number
of big name MPD/SRA speakers including Roland Summit, Bennett Braun, Colin
Ross, etc. Summit pulled out, however, I believe Braun and Ross attended
and were joined by Catherine Gould (who wrote the check list of clinical
indicators of satanic ritual abuse). 
"For Immediate Release:"
Contact: Randy Skinner, Director
National Criminal Justice Task Force
(714) 262-7592/Fx(714) 252-0846
Cyber-porn Cover up--
Conference Unmasks Washington D.C. Computer Ring's Link to
High Officials
IRVINE, Calif -- Tasked with informing the nation about the
prevalence of sexual crimes against children.  The National
Criminal Justice Task Force, a national multi-disciplinary
group of judges, prosecutors, medical doctors and psychotherapists,
is hosting the second national conference on Crimes Against
Children, September 22-25 at Washington D.C.'s Ramada
Renaissance Hotel.
Slated for discussion is the first alleged cyber-porn ring --
the "Finders", a shadowy techno-cult allegedly specializing
in electronic networks, disseminating child pornography and
possibly smuggling children.
According to Detective Sergeant Larry Lawson, of Florida, the
mysterious group was discovered in Tallahassee in 1987 (? illegible)
when police stopped a van driven by two adults, allegedly
en-route to Mexico, carrying a cargo of six children, ages
3 to 6 years.
Raiding a D.C. warehouse, D.C. Metro officers uncovered
computers, detailed kindapping {sic} plans, child/animal
blood-ritual photographs, and overseas orders for children.
When a U.S. Customs/Washington Metro Police investigation was
launched, the FBI's Counter-Intelligence Unit shut it down.
Only under pressure from members of Congress-who just received
information from associates of the National Criminal Justice
Task Force - did the Justice Department renew the investigation.
Uncovered recently is information that links corrupt federal
officials to child-trafficking, as well as the use of
influence to cover up their involvement with the Finders.
For more information and press kit, contact Randy Skinner,
director National Criminal Justice Task Force, (714)
262-7592/Fx (714) 252-0846