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Re: Unfinished FAQ?

[Rishab addressed this to the list as well, so I'll respond in

> Tim,
> I was going through the FAQ and was puzzled by what appear to be cryptic notes
> to yourself, such as "quote from Wired, Whole Earth Review" in the definition
> of cpunk in the MFAQ, along with a number of questions without answers -
> "Who are Alice and Bob" in the MFAQ for example.
> Do I have an unfinished version (0.666!) or what?

First, it will never be "finished."

Second, the less-than-1.00 numbering is, as usual, indicative that the
version is less-than-complete.

Third, I explained this in the Release Notes. I suggest people read
this first. 

To repeat, I felt it was important to get out what I had. Many people
had been bugging^H^H^H^H asking me about it for the past few months,
so I decided to issue what I had in time for the 2nd Anniversary
meeting. I missed that deadline by less than 20 hours.

Yes, there's a mix of styles, partly prose essays, partly enumerated
lists of points. And even incomplete sections. Such is life.

Like I said in the Release Notes, anybody is welcome to get their
money back.

Meanwhile, more than a megabyte of text exists. Ought to be enough for

--Tim May

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