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>    In other words, your AZ tax can be based on your profile, irrespective
>    of your income or expenses.

But the AZ D of R can't use a profile to actually *find* your money or,
indeed, to determine that you are a resident of Arizona.

>    It's also a bit of an eye-opener to note that it is expected to 
>    replace ID used for -other- than official business as well, like club
>    cards and health care access cards.  If it's not in your profile or if 
>    the money is not in your account, you can't do_it/have_it.  Moreover, 
>    you'll probably get automatically reported for followup investigation 
>    to determine willfulness and intent. 

I *love* it when the government decides to use automation to cut people off
from permissions/benefits if they don't "toe the line."  Since I would like
them to cut *everyone* off from permissions/benefits, every step closer to
that situation is an improvement.

Apparently, "Seaquest, DSV" had a little automated punishment example on
yesterday's show.  A guy on a motorbike was speeding and his plates were
scanned on the fly and he was notified, while still driving, that his
"Social Security Account" had been docked for some $700 in fines.

Note that all they accomplish by such things is to convert people into
"outlaws."  If government benefits and permissions are withdrawn from you
then the incentive for you to play their game is reduced.  Automated
punishment also weakens the hold of the government even on those who obey
the law because they knwo that they can lose their government "benefits" at
any time and so they value them less.

In a strictly practical sense, such punishments encourage those punished to
learn how to live outside the government's reward/punishment system.

Note the non-compliance rates in New York City for driver's license,
insurance, and registration rules.  The DMV computers automatically suspend
someone's license (even if he's never had one) and he keeps driving anyway.
People accumulate hundreds of suspensions.


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