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Re: (fwd) "Will You Be a Terrorist?"

In article <[email protected]>, Eric Hughes <[email protected]> wrote:
>   >I'd suggest that a much more productive avenue of approach would be to
>   >improve the aliasing facilities of a remailer provider to allow a
>   >pseudonym to look like a fully normal name.
>   I'm not sure that's a good solution.  
>Todd, Todd, Todd.  You can run a remailer and the mailing list on the
>_same_ machine and do the aliasing in the remailer.  You can even
>restrict operation of the remailer to work only with the mailing list,
>if that's what you want.
>The issue here is clean separation of abstraction.

Well *excuse me* for being clinically thick...

I shouldn't post after more than 20 hours w/out sleep.  You're right, 
of course.  Though the remailer and the mailing list software would
probably require some hacking to make the coupling tighter, in the
process giving both limited-use remailers (probably undesirable in
the generic case, but I can think of special uses) and access-controlled
mailing list software (definitely uses for this, as some exist).

>This doesn't require AMS.  I've done the same hack myself in ruleset 0
>of sendmail.  Then you tweak the HReceived line to add the $u macro,
>which under sendmail v8 includes the whole address which caused

Could you send me what you've done on this?  I think it's a desirable
feature to have, though requiring that people hack their sendmail.cfs
is not a big boost to the "popularity of package" indicator.
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