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Re: Virtual assasins and lethal rema

[email protected] writes:

>Adam is absolutely right.... Even if a killer is so anonymous that she can't
>be linked to a given crime by the employer who will talk  99.9% of the time
>any pressure is applied, she must still continue to accept various
>The police would then set up one of their stings & "hire" her anonymously
>for another job & snatch the killer up when she attempts to fullfill this
>contract. Likewise, the very first offer of employment may well be of this

Once again (and hopefully for the last time!), I reiterate that it is the
person *placing* the contract who is at zero risk (except for the risk of
losing their digital cash).  Stings can be set up to catch the killer, but
providing the person doing the hiring trusts no one but himself, there is
no risk to him.  To the extent that there is *any* risk to this person, the
goals of crypto anarchy have not been met.  This pertains to every
conceivable security leak that might affect the person placing the


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