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Re: Scienter and all that stuff

James Donald writes;
> L. Todd Masco writes
> > I don't think it's nearly as black & white as you suggest:  Our systems
> > are not monolithic and some consitutional and democratic principles do
> > still have some sway.  Noam Chomsky discusses this when he talks about
> > reasons for optimism.
> Of course Noam Chomsky is optimistic - he favors limitless and absolute
> state power and the forcible and violent silencing of all those who
> deviate from political correctness.
> If I was campaigning to make a the US a totalitarian terrorist
> state, I would be full of optimism.

Before this gets out of hand (which it certainly will), I very gently
suggest that you read something which Chomsky has written before
favoring us all with your opinions.

Mark Chen 
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